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3 The charts color patches have spectral reflectances intended to mimic those of natural objects such as human skin, foliage, and flowers, to have consistent color appearance under a variety of lighting conditions, especially as detected by typical color photographic film, and to be stable over time.
Colorchecker Classic Camera Image Calibration: X-Rite Photo Video.
Since they exemplify the color of their counterparts and reflect light the same way in all parts of the visible spectrum, the squares will match the colors of representative samples of natural objects under any illumination, and with any color reproduction process.
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Gadget: X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Reviews
De ColorChecker Passport van X-Rite is gemaakt voor de semiprof die ook op locatie volledige controle wil over de kleur en witbalans van zijn foto's. Zorg ervoor dat op de eerste foto van elke serie de kleurenkaart in beeld is, en laat de rest over aan de software!
Learn How to Use a Color Checker in Two Minutes Fstoppers.
A grey card accounts for the overall temperature and tint, not every color individually. Using a color checker helps you account for the individual colors as well as overall color in your image simultaneously. Want to learn more about the difference between a color checker and a colorimeter?
Kamera Express X-Rite ColorChecker Passport. kamera-express-logo. kamera-express-logo.
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Eigen cameraprofielen met X-Rite ColorChecker Passport.
Een ideaal hulpmiddel om de verlichting te checken en om het resultaat van de ontwikkelcentrales te beoordelen. De kleine versie van Macbeth sierde vele testopnames. Destijds bij Capi waren de Kodak Color Strip en de Macbeth Color Chart dé onderdelen voor kleurmanagementinstellingen.
ColorChecker Camera Calibration v1.1.1.
You can use this software with ColorChecker Passport and ColorChecker Classic standard and mini sizes products. If you register either ColorChecker solution, you will receive a download link to the FREE DNG Profile Manager, a utility tool for managing your camera profiles.
ColorChecker Passport Camera Image Calibration: X-Rite Photo Video.
Considering Color Management with The X-Rite ColorChecker Passport by David Flores for BH. The" X-Rite Color Checker Passport is an excellent tool for creating custom color profiles and maintaining color and exposure consistency from capture to post-processing. Compact and lightweight, the unit offers amazing functionality and fits easily into any photographer's' kit."

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